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Photographer / Content Creator

For nearly twenty years I have had a camera in my hand; photography started as something that was fun or should I say silly and slowly evolved into a way of life for me.
I have been mentored by seasoned film photographers over the years which introduced me to the many styles and niches photographers work within. Now I am considered a multidiscplinary photographer who specializes in, but not limited to, love and lifestyle, product, food, boudoir and interiors.
My goal is to communicate closely with you before the shoot to ensure we are fully aligned with what your vision and goals are so the final photos are exactly what you were looking for while enjoying your experience with me!

Creator  /Influencer Consulting

Are you a content creator unsure of how to land brand work? And not just any brand work. Paid brand work! That was me too six months ago! Unsure and doubtful of what I was doing. Now I have successfully landed partnership after partnership and I am proof that you don’t have to have a huge following on your account to be valuable. I am offering all my knowledge as a service to you based on your situation and goals for your account. Inquire about my hourly rates or packaged prices.