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Operation Overcome Underclothes is an organization that works closely with the churches and schools to provide underclothes (socks, underwear and training bras) to  children in need.

Every community has second-hand stores you can donate to or even church collections will hand out coats, shirts and pants. But the things you can not donate are the most detrimental in a child’s psychological development. The everyday items most take for granted and often not talked about. SOCKS. UNDERWEAR. TRAINING BRA.

Why are they important for kids mental health?

Without these everday items that we all know to be normal, kids form insecurities about being less than or even worthless and often take childwood traumas throughout life into adulthood. Children are children and need not to mentally suffer in a time of so much expendable funds.

Together we are going to make a difference! Shop curatedmarketco.com to support.