Content Coaching

Elevate Your Influence: Personalized Consultations for Aspiring/Micro Influencers and Creators alike

Ready to elevate your content creation journey to legendary heights? Unleash your full potential with our exclusive one-on-one creator and influencer consulting. Step into the spotlight as we decode the art of crafting magnetic content, amplifying your influence, and carving your unique niche in the digital realm.

With three years of immersive experience in the dynamic world of social media, I’ve transformed my passion for content creation into a full-time venture. Now, I’m thrilled to extend a helping hand to those seeking to monetize or grow their influence and craft a thriving online presence.

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of influencer marketing can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go it alone. Join me for one-on-one consultations where we’ll delve into the where to start, defining your goals and tailoring strategies to get you started. I’m my consultants there is no GATEKEEPING and I’ll share all the secrets in how to craft compelling content that resonates with your audience to leveraging partnerships that align with your brand. Together, we’ll unlock the secrets to fostering engagement, growing your follower base, and transforming your creativity into a sustainable income stream.

What do our one on one sessions include?

4 forty five minute sessions that deep dive into the yellow brick road of content creation

Points of topic

Personalized Strategy

Tailored to your goals, our consulting guides you through a roadmap of success, from content ideation to audience engagement.

Ignite Your Voice

Discover the power of authenticity as we help you refine your personal brand, ensuring your voice resonates authentically with your audience.

Visual Brilliance

Learn the tricks of visual storytelling, transforming your content into captivating narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Elevate your creative prowess and influence with our one-on-one consulting, where your journey to living your dream becomes our mission.

“Emily provides an abundance of valuable information. She is thoughtful in her approach and brings copious amounts of wit. It is easy to see yourself progressing after she gives you guidance. Her wisdom in all things creative is helpful when figuring out what social path you want to take with business, content, ect. I highly recommend her services for individuals and businesses.”

“I came to Em with some questions about doing DIY projects in a clients home. She gave me some great advice on what to do/not to do and how to navigate contracts. She answered all of my questions and was so helpful!!”

“Emily, you’re so helpful. You don’t box everyone with the same advice but give unique advice for different topics and point of views. Not only is it great for content creating or building a business but to make relationships with those we are trying to reach”

“Em has taken her knowledge and broke down what is important  based on my current situation and end goal.  She had an answer for everything I asked and explained it in such a comprehensive way. Using her experiences through business and social channels she was able to guide me in identifying what I needed my brand goals to be.”